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Workshop 1: Agriculture in the village today

Agriculture is the defining element of rural areas - for example, Veen has more than 20 full-time farms. How are these perceived?


Our environment is a production factor and our living space at the same time!


What understanding / lack of understanding do we have for the necessities / constraints of agricultural processes that are not only based on the seasons, the environment and the weather, but are also always regulated by law?



Mr. Reintjes works as a project manager at RheWaTech gUG in international innovation projects in agriculture and horticulture. He lived on a farm for several years and managed it part-time.



Johannes Paaßen is chairman of the local farmers' association Veen and a state-certified farmer. He lives near the center of Veen with his wife, his mother and two children.


The workshops are supported by students of the interdisciplinary project "Community Consulting" WS 21/22 at the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

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