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Workshop 4: Arrive and participate in the village

“Migration” into the village describes not only the influx of people outside of Germany, but also the move from the city to the countryside. Integration means the integration of all villagers across generations and cultures.


How do long-time residents and newcomers experience the village? Does coexistence work differently in the country than in the city? How important is it to know the neighborhood in rural areas? Do I need help from the community in the village? How can I break down barriers and how can I communicate my individual needs?



Ms. Arntz is the project coordinator of the Interreg VA project Volunteers 2.0, which works with the focus on supporting civic engagement by municipalities. The project builds on the networks and experiences from KRAKE-Starke Dörfer.



Sonja Böhm is neighborhood coordinator for the municipality of Alpen and accompanies, coordinates and trains volunteer neighborhood advisors in the Alps and the surrounding villages.



The workshops are supported by students of the interdisciplinary project "Community Consulting" WS 21/22 at the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

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