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Workshop 2: The Modern Village

Which digital "helpers" (tools / app) are there in the village and where are their limits? Topicality is the success factor for the social village media, but who maintains the offers and presents the relevant topics?


What is digital village management? There are already support options from organizing car-sharing to telemedicine. In the workshop we give a small overview of already existing offers, discuss their meaningfulness and explore ways of implementation.



Ms. Kadak is a research assistant in the Interreg VA project Volunteers 2.0. After completing her bachelor's degree in work and organizational psychology, she is currently studying economics, psychology and management at the University of Kassel. In the project KRAKE - Strong Villages, she accompanied citizens in the area of regional development during her studies. By moderating the workshop, she brings the perspective of the “digital natives” into the discussion.



Lara Mosler grew up in Grieth and is studying media studies and English at the Ruhr University Bochum. The main focus of the course is dealing with new media and influencing our communication. She has been working with young people in seminars on the subject of education and media at a private educational institution for years.



The workshops are supported by students of the interdisciplinary project "Community Consulting" WS 21/22 at the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

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